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    “Game of thrones” is a television series which is authored by George R.R Martin. This television series presents a script written about the civil war which is fought between the noble families, their supporters and rival royals. The series has six episodes in total. Here we will discuss about the opening episode of the game. You would be happy to know that you can watch game of thrones online free of cost.

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    Game of thrones is the hottest television series the episodes of which would be available online. Through online streaming many people are enjoying the most exciting episode of the series and that episode is episode number 1 “Winter is coming.” When you watch games of throne online free, you would find no problem with the quality of video and audio. The free streaming episodes of HBO’s popular television series have excellent video quality.

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    You must have heard of the much talked about book of R.R Martin “A Song of Ice and Fire.” If you have read all the five collections of the book then you already have an idea about the storyline of this television series. The story takes place in a fictional continent of Westeros. Those who have not read the book can watch game of thrones online free.

    Watch Game Of Thrones Last Episode

    The first part of the book or the first episode of Game of thrones is all about the rivalry between battling clans and fire these two groups share cold relationships and are bitter rivals as both of them want to get hold of the illustrious Iron Thrones. Viewers would be amazingly thrilled to see the extraordinary war between these two groups which cannot see eye to eye. The series has already started and you can avail all the excitement when you watch game of throne online free.

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    Watch Falling Skies premieres June 19 on TNT and online on our web site.

    Friday at WonderCon in San Francisco, TNT previewed its upcoming series Falling Skies, a sci-fi drama starring Noah Wyle (ER, The Librarian) as a father of three who fights to keep his family together following the occupation of Earth by an alien force. During the presentation, co-executive producer Mark Verheiden, writer Melinda Hsu Taylor and actor Drew Roy discussed the creation of the series and its underlying themes.

    Attendees were given a 12-page comic book prequel from Dark Horse that introduces protagonist Tom Mason (Wyle), a history professor turned survivor in the wake of an alien invasion. Taylor, a self-professed comic geek, called it a “special kind of thrill” to work on the project. New pages are released every two weeks on TNT’s website. When the story is complete it will be published as a graphic novel, with its final pages leading directly into the first moments of the TV series.

    Falling Skies began as a discussion between executive producer Steven Spielberg and TNT Executive Vice President Michael Wright. “They always wanted to do something together, and the idea came up to do a science fiction show,” Verheiden recalled. “They brought in Robert Rodat, who wrote Saving Private Ryan.” While Rodat provided the pilot script that pits human survivors against an alien race referred to as “The Skitters,” Verheiden and Taylor joined project as it went to series. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    “It’s a show about the human race trying to deal with the aftermath of an alien invasion,” Verheiden said, discussing why the concept appealed to him. “Our show starts six months after the invasion, which is different from other shows. The military has been taken out, so we’re left with family men, mothers. It’s a learning curve.”

    That learning curve was evident in the first clip: Beginning with a child’s drawings and recollections of the initial attack, we find it is Tom’s middle son Matt (Maxim Knight) telling the story. The scene cuts to Tom and Hal (Roy), his oldest son, running from alien mechs, the seemingly robotic servants of the Skitters. The older Masons are also pushing a food cart, which they are forced to abandon before diving into a barricade. When that line of defense proves no match for the mech, Tom and Hal duck into the ruins of a shop. There, they see several Skitters surround a female survivor. As they escape the area with Captain Weaver (Will Payton), the group sees an alien spacecraft launch a bomb into the city. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    “Early on, there’s a character played by Dale Dye who puts [Tom] as second in command to Weaver,” Verheiden said. Tom joins a militia to combat the aliens, but it’s an uneasy position for him. “For Tom it’s important to hold onto as much of a normal life as he can. He wants his sons to be able to grow up ‘normal.’”

    Although Tom has a difficult time adjusting to the militia, Hal quickly excels at it. For Roy, that process began when the show’s weapons master told him to choose his guns. “They took us aside and we shot thousands of rounds,” he said. By the end of the season, Roy said, he and Wyle could clean their guns blindfolded. Taylor added that the comic would reveal how Hal found his weapons.

    Post-invasion life is not all guns and targeted strikes, though. Hal will also have a healthy does of “normal life” in the form of romantic involvements. A second clip showed Hal and a girl about age trying to find some quiet time in a house where the group has holed up. Before they can kiss, Tom barges in and discusses attacking the Armoury (which just happens to be the name of the two-hour season premiere). When the girl announces she would like to go as well, men from the other rooms shout their interest in the mission. As Tom leaves the room, he notes the thin walls and gives the young couple an odd look. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    “He interacts with two different girls [in the pilot],” Roy explained. “You’ll see that one is closer to his heart.” The panelists suggested Hal might meet other girls in the course of the season.

    Hal, and the audience, also will be introduced to the Skitters, and quickly. “We never wanted to be coy with the aliens,” Verheiden said. “There’s no reason for them to hide from us.”

    However, deciding to show the aliens early and often created unique challenges. Although the aliens began as purely CGI creations, the production used every technique to realize the creatures — including putting stuntmen in Skitter costumes.

    Roy noted that the physical presence made it easier for the actors to portray their interactions with the aliens. “In the beginning, we had no idea [what the aliens looked like],” he recalled. Eventually, the Skitters became a reality for the cast even when they existed entirely on computer. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    “As a science fiction fan, I was thrilled,” Taylor said. “I am glad they made that choice [not to hide the Skitters].”

    The aliens and their mechs diverge in appearance; while the Skitters are six-legged, the mechs are bipedal. When asked about the difference, Verheiden replied, “Oh, you noticed that. There will be developments of all of these things as we go on. Prodded for more information, he said, “Keep your eyes on the Skitters.”

    One aspect about the aliens revealed in a third clip and the preview comic is their interest in human children. The video showed Tom and a few others attempting to save a group of kids, including Tom’s son Ben (Connor Jessup), from Skitters. They approach a mech-patrolled site where the children, controlled by spine-like armor on their backs, are clearing away debris. One of the other men spots his own son and tries to get him, but the child doesn’t respond. A mech approaches, forcing Tom to use explosives earlier than planned. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    The panelists didn’t reveal what the aliens are doing with the children, but Taylor noted, “There is an age range. Hal is a target because he’s the right age.” She specified that the Skitters are looking for humans between the ages of 12 and 18.

    During the audience Q&A, the group was asked what allegorical content the show might feature. Taylor related that the show was originally called “Concord,” in reference to the American Revolution and the battle against a more organized and advanced occupying force. “[It's] the struggle for independence,” she explained. “Common men called into these roles of combat or survival.” That’s a recurring theme in the series.

    Verheiden fielded the next question about the biggest challenge facing the characters, and the writers, beyond the aliens themselves. “It’s complicated all around. It’s a world without communication,” he said. “It’s a team effort [by our staff] to create a world that was invaded by aliens.”

    A third audience member of the audience asked how large of a budget they had for the series. Verheiden deadpanned “Enough” to the laughter of the crowd. Don't forget to watch Falling Skies online.

    A final clip was shown featuring Tom and Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) in a makeshift infirmary discussing the monotony of their old lives. Anne asks Tom what the plan is for their existence now. “Revenge,” he replies.

    Asked why survivalist fiction is so popular, Taylor offered a pragmatic answer. “I think on an advertising level — to be the most cynical and business-like about it — people feel like ‘Oh, zombies! Oh, aliens! I can sell that!’” she said, but then switched tracks to a more philosophical answer. “There’s always a commentary in science fiction and it’s just a way to get people into the room and then tell a great story.”

    “When you peel back the layers of civilization and your just trying to survive, suddenly there aren’t political arguments; you don’t have a lot of racial arguments,” Verheiden added. “I think we want to believe that if we were faced with overwhelming odds that we might drop all the arguments we have and gather as people. I think there’s a real sense of hope in the show.”

    Watch Falling Skies online free

  • Watch Game Of Thrones HBO TV Season 1 Online For Free

    Watch Game Of Thrones HBO TV Season 1 Online For Free

    With just a few weeks to go before the premiere of the Game Of Thrones Season 1 collection on HBO, pleasure amongst followers is reaching a feverish pitch. The show - named after the first e-book in the Music of Ice and Fire sequence by author George R.R. Martin - is a favourite amongst each fantasy geeks and mainstream readers alike.

    The planned series of seven books is a little more than halfway full, with E book 5 on the way in which this summer. It already totals greater than 3,500 pages of adventure, battles and backstabbing, making it an epic story in every sense of the phrase.

    But ought to the common viewer, let alone exhausting-core fantasy geeks, really be excited in regards to the television adaptation? Readers have constantly been disillusioned with television and film adaptations of their favorite books.

    Can HBO's Game Of Thrones Season 1 be any different? Will the ten-part collection be worth watching?

    We expect so and listed here are our 5 the explanation why:

    1. First things first, it's very geeky. It's bought kings and knights, crowns and swords, dragons and ghosts. Medieval drama is a style we get treasured little of on television (or in films, for that matter), and Game Of Thrones Season 1 has practically 10 hours of it. Plus, the series of books boasts followers who are as critical concerning the happenings in Westeros - where most of the ebook's action takes place - as any hardcore Trekkie or Star Wars geek is about those sagas.

    2. The story is compelling. Befitting an incredibly well-liked sequence, the books are filled with chapter after chapter that abruptly finish in cliffhangers. The dialogue is commonly funny, acerbic and typically even coronary heart-breaking. Although the books are as thick as phone directories, the story strikes shortly, and it's nearly assured to shock you. In all my years of studying, seldom has a plot twisted so abruptly that I'm shocked sufficient to say something like "Holy --" out loud. A Song of Ice and Fire has executed that to me many times, and HBO's adaptation looks to follow.

    3. The characters come first. Even when you're not someone who likes fantasy, you will enjoy Game Of Thrones Season 1, as a result of it's not a lot a fantasy tale as it is an excellent character-driven drama that simply happens to be set in a fantasy setting. Westeros, the land the place the series takes place, is a canine-eat-dog place where most people are enjoying the angles and looking out for themselves. The top result is a very tangled net of deceit, energy performs and intrigue, which should make for an infinitely watchable show.

    4. Game Of Thrones Season 1 is predicated on actually nice writing. Martin weaves an extremely complex story that encompasses thousands of miles, dozens of characters and a historical past that spans 1000's of years. Yet, it's straightforward to observe and simply as compelling to read. To tempt you additional, Martin was referred to as "the American Tolkien" by Time Magazine. This is mentioned not to start a flame war or suggest he is the be-all, finish-all of fantasy, but to illustrate how good his writing is. Further, Martin is credited, along with executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, as a writer of the series.

    5. HBO does a greater job at this kind of factor than anybody else. Take a look at the track report: If there's one thing HBO does better than anyone else, it's authentic dramas. Band of Brothers, The Sopranos, The Wire, Oz, Deadwood, John Adams, Six Ft Beneath, True Blood - this list only scratches the floor of the nice dramas HBO has brought to the small screen. What's extra, with among the mature content material in Game Of Thrones Season 1, it's tough to imagine the present being on network television or anywhere else.

    6. All indicators point to devoted adaptation. Martin has been deeply concerned with the manufacturing for the reason that starting and - if you read Martin's blog - his pleasure is contagious. Plus, the set pictures, the images of the forged, the behind-the-scenes vignettes and, most recently, the wallpaper photographs that depict among the main areas of the story all show that the series creators really perceive what the guide is about. That may, hopefully, result in excellent things. Heck, the producers even hired someone to invent an authentic language for the Dothraki. It appears no shortcuts are being taken.

    7. The collection was given a proper budget. With estimates at almost $60 million for 10 episodes, anticipate massive things on the small screen. And whereas GoT's finances is somewhat common for a giant production sequence, the truth that HBO dedicated these sources towards an unproven present says quite a bit concerning the network's confidence of success. Early photographs of sets, special results and the cast present the money is being properly spent.

    8. HBO hasn't forgotten in regards to the fans. Earlier than filming started, fans had been recruited for input. And, with every step, the folks over at HBO have remembered who its largest critics will be. Martin has been heavily involved in decisions along the best way (and the primary to be edge-of-the-seat excited about the progress of the series). As the opening date attracts closer, HBO has introduced a couple of social advertising tools to drum up excitement. It's gone so far as to serve Westeros-inspired foods final week to fortunate little folks of New York final week and Los Angeles this week.

    9. Quite a lot of thought went into casting the fitting individual for every role. Because Game Of Thrones Season 1 is so pushed by character improvement, casting wanted to take priority over all the pieces else. And it seems that casting director Nina Gold understood this imperative. There are few household names within the forged, much like HBO's different huge success, Band of Brothers. Plus, a lot of the selections seem perfectly spot-on at first look: e.g., Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, John Bradley as Samwell Tarly, Equipment Harrington as Jon Snow, Conan Stevens as Gregor Clegane .

    10. This will be the present of 2011, Don't be left behind! The early evaluations are starting to are available, and they're positively glowing. The source materials is a best-promoting sequence of books and a fan base that is legion. Solid, sets and direction look to be more than anyone may hope for. HBO looks to have one other winner on its hands. Don't overlook to set your DVR, stream from HBO GO, or throw a watch get together - winter is coming!


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